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The brown part of a deshelled coconut otherwise called Testa is to be removed to process the white meat.Minimal wastage of meat and minimal time is a measure of efficiency. Our machines fit this category.

July 21, 2015


About Peeling

Coconut which are deshelled have a brown portion which is called testa.Fresh coconut meat is obtained after removing this part.Manual process often removes a part of the meat resulting in wastage of the useful part.We offer a special equipment that can fully remove the testa with minimal wastage of the meat and retains the ball form.This machine is called full ball peeling equipment and is very efficient and easy to operate.Skilled labour is not required for operating this machine. This machine eliminates the hard task of hand paring of pieces of coconut kernel on a sorting table. The rugged blade peels off the Testa with minimal wastage.

How it Works?

The machine consists of a rotating drum constructed of SS304 grade steel. The interior of the drum is specially designed with razor sharp blades capable of shearing the outer skin (Testa) of the coconut.The drum rotates at a speed up to 1200 rpm and before operating the machine coconut is freely placed into the drum.Once the machine is started the drum rotates and the coconut continues to freely move inside the drum shearing off the Testa during the process.

Technical Specification

  • Rated Motor Power : 1HP
  • Power supply : 415V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity : 360 coconuts per hour
  • Operator : Semi Skilled
  • Number of operators – 1

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