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Centrifuge Coconut Milk Extractor

Our milk extractor series machines are well suited for extracting milk from coconut meat.We offer you our Centrifuge coconut milk extractor.

July 21, 2015


About Centrifuge Coconut Milk Extractor

The centrifugal milk extractor has a cloth sack that rotates at high speed.The sack is filled with coconut meat and due to high centrifugal forces the milk is separated from the meat. However the meat is not fully extracted and the residue from the sack if fed to a Screw Press extrator that effectively squeezes out the remaining milk that is contained in the residue. The machine is very user-friendly, reliable and robust and requires low power and labour.The rotational speed is very moderate ensuring a noise free and positive working environment. All contact parts of the machine are SS304 which is resistant to corrosion and food safe.

How it Works?

Finely cut coconut gratings are fed into a bag and then inserted into the bowl by opening the lid. A fine mesh inside the bowl prevents the gratings from entering the coconut milk collecting area. While rotating the the bowl at high speed coconut milk is collected at the collecting area.

Technical Specification

  • Rated Motor Power : 1HP
  • Power supply : 415V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity : 200 Kg per hour
  • Operator : Semi Skilled
  • Number of operators – 1


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