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Deshusking machines remove husks from coconuts. Our dehusking machines works on hydraulic principle and operated by a joystick.

July 21, 2015


About Dehusking

The process of removing fiber from coconuts is called de husking.We offer specially designed machines that can put this task at ease.The machine is hydraulic type that operated by an operator controlled by a joystick.A skilled operator can process an average of 300 coconuts per hour which would otherwise be labour intensive and time consuming.The machine is light weight and portable on wheels.

How it works

Coconuts are placed on a specified place where it is fixed strongly.An operator moves the joystick and moves the fixed coconut upwards towards a set of fixed rods fitted on a disc.Once the coconut touches the rods it expands removing the husk in the process.

Technical Specification

  • Rated Motor Power : 2HP
  • Power supply : 415V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity : 300 coconuts per hour
  • Operator : Skilled
  • Number of operators – 1

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