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Expellers use extrusion process to filter out oil using high pressure. The high pressure is the result of change of chamber volume, drive from screw worm, resistance of curve teeths and extrusion friction between oil materials

July 20, 2015


About Expeller

Expeller oil mills use extrusion principle as the base for extracting oil from copra.The raw material is fed through a hopper and passes through a press chamber.The press chamber consists of a screw gear enclosed in a cage.As the material is pressed inside the chamber the oil is extruded from the nut and drops from the cage while the cake is discharged from the end.In case of copra oil mills we recommend three stage expelling process for maximum output.

We offer oil expellers with single, double and triple gear reduction. Gears are made of high quality steel and run in oil bath. Expellers are also available in 4 bolt,6 bolt and 9 bolt types. All our machines are highly efficient and reliable. Capacities range from 35Kg/hr to 700 Kg/hr depending on your requirements.


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