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July 18, 2015


About Copra Dryer

Copra dryers are suitable for drying very efficiently. Traditional method of drying is usually sun drying which produces low quality oil. Our dryers offer the benefit of high quality oil and reduced drying time. Our principle of drying is by using a heat exchanger that produces hot air which is diverted by a blower to a copra drying chamber via a duct. The fluid to be heated which is air is sucked through the narrow circular opening on the outer chamber. The brick oven is heated using dried coconut husk or any other fuel which in turn heats the steel enclosure of the oven. Fresh air is passed through the inner chamber thereby absorbing heat from the steel enclosure of the oven and finally passes through the blower casing and into the copra chamber. In order to minimize heat loss ducts are covered in heat insulations material such as fibre glass or mineral wool thereby maintaing average temperature in the chamber. Digital heat indicator system displays the temperature inside the chamber as well as in the blower casing.All materials used for construction of dryer and smoke chimney are of high grade mild steel with proportional thickness. Our offer is not only limited to the dryer but we also undertake the civil works for constructing the drying chamber as well. We offer high quality fire bricks and high grade grills for the chamber so that heat losses are minimized along with superior strength for supporting the nuts.

How it Works?

The heat exchanger portion consists of two distinct chambers. The inner chamber enclosing the oven which is the source of heat and the outer chamber which is the source of outside air. The heat exchange principle is basically indirect type contact transferring heat to the surrounding air by conduction and convection methods.

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