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Virgin Coconut oil otherwise called as “mother of all oils” are extracted with the help of a centrifuge. This process is also called as cold processing method as there is not heat supplied for extracting oil.Oil extracted at temperatures below 80F is of the best quality and aroma. We offer you the tubular centrifuge machine that efficiently extract oil from coconut milk.

Client: Petang Cell Indusrties

July 20, 2015


About Tubular Centrifuge

This equipment serves the purpose of extracting Virgin Coconut Oil from coconut milk.The centrifuge marks the final stage in the process of extracting VCO and as the name implies centrifugal method is used for this process. A unique feature of this process is that it utilizes non heat method of extraction also called cold processing. Heated methods can destroy many vital nutrients that act as natural preservatives during storage. Cold processing technology retains oil’s natural properties and nutritional values. All contact parts of the machine are SS304 which is resistant to corrosion and food safe.

How it Works?

Coconut milk if fed at the inlet located at the bottom of the bowl. The bowl is connected to a motor and separation takes place inside the rotating bowl at a speed of 15,000 rpm.The basic principle is that the difference in densities of two immiscible liquids forces the liquid with higher density outside the rotation axis. The heavier liquid phase is forced towards the bowl while the light phase is force inside. Special openings at the top of the bowl separate Virgin Coconut Oil and water at two outlets at the top corresponding to the light phase which is water and the heavy phase which Virgin coconut oil. The Virgin coconut oil separated is further fed again into the centrifuge and repeated three times to get pure oil.

Technical Specification

  • Rated Motor Power : 4HP
  • Power supply : 415V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity : 200-250L per hour
  • Bowl capacity : 8L
  • Bowl Diameter : 125mm
  • Number of operators – 1

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